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Online marketing has always been confusing for me. I now have an online presence and I can stay in contact with people interested in my services with the push of a button. I am so glad I found such a simple marketing platform.

Kimberly M. – Hair Stylist

The thought of trying to create a website, blog, newsletter, content and all of the things needed to market online was so overwhelming. I can’t believe how easy it was to get started with Royaltie. I now have all of my marketing done for me, with fresh new content daily. I am so happy to say online marketing is no longer intimidating.

Jonathon S. - Realtor

I always knew that the key to success in network marketing was to create a duplicatable system so my team can share in my success. The tools I used before Royaltie were so difficult to implement in my organization that it made marketing online difficult. I am so glad that I found Royaltie, because my team and I are duplicating and even the beginner is having success.

Tiffany S. – Network Marketer

This is the easiest marketing platform I have ever used. I have always understood the power of online marketing, but connecting multiple systems and keeping up with the marketing took up a lot of my time. I am so glad I was able to free up my time and get better results using Royaltie.

Walter P. – Insurance Agent

This is a great marketing tool for my mobile DJ company. I am so happy to have a professional online marketing presence.

Atoy H – Entertainment

Most of my income from my insurance business comes from the offline world. I knew that I was missing out on those potential customers that are online daily, and it caused me to start searching for systems that would allow me to reach those potential clients. I am so happy I found a simple, affordable platform with Royaltie.

Spencer T - Insurance

I operate in a highly competitive industry and used a variety of platforms to market my business online. I needed something simple so that I could get back to running my business. Royaltie is awesome. My brand awareness is increasing and my business is growing again.

Mike W. – Automotive

Personal training is super competitive and before Royaltie, I was just using word of mouth marketing because online marketing was so difficult and confusing for me. Since I found Royaltie I was able to increase my business by 30% and I now have a professional online brand.

Paul S. – Personal Trainer

I am just coming out of cosmetology school and I am renting a booth at a local salon. I had some clients, but needed a place for people to find me online. I am so glad I found Royaltie and now I don’t have to be worried about filling my chair.

Sarah C. - Hairstylist

I own a small flower shop that was gifted to me by my parents. We have always done all of our marketing through traditional forms and I really wanted to take the business to another level when I was given ownership. When I started to study online marketing I was so overwhelmed that I thought I would never fully understand it or be successful doing it. I am so happy to be back running the shop and having my online marketing taken care of. I am also happy to say the business is now booming and we have more customers than ever before. Thank you Royaltie.

Gina N. – Retail business owner

I host real estate investment workshops. I had always used word-of-mouth as a means of marketing my workshops. They were slow to grow and I knew I needed to market the workshops online. Since becoming a customer of Royaltie these past 3 months, the number of attendees at the workshops have grown over 100%. I have had 11 workshops with an average of 25 people per workshop since using Royaltie.

Carl S. - Real Estate Investments

Things have changed so much in the past 30 years of being a business owner. My electrical business was a great success when it started, but with the introduction of people searching online, my business was nowhere to be found. I do not do much on the computer and was always confused at how to market my business online until finding Royaltie. Our sales are back up and I feel like we are thriving once again.

Joe G. - Electrician

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Our proprietary algorithms will continually optimize your website so you rank higher and higher in Google searches, making it easier for new customers to find you.

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Every day our AI engine will suggest relevant, professional social media content to engage your audience, and generate leads for your business.

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Our system will recommend the most interesting articles, videos, quizzes and more for your live blog - effortlessly building your brand as an expert in your field.

Your Email Marketing. Done.

Keep your business top of mind with a regular email newsletter - generated automatically and optimized by AI.

Your CRM. Done.

Manage your prospects, customers, and teammates in our simple, intuitive, fully integrated system.

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See all your key marketing analytics - website, social media, online ads, email marketing and more - in one simple, turn-key interface.

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