The Royaltie GEM Program

Grant. Education. Marketing.

Giving those less fortunate the help they need to follow their dreams.

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How the GEM Program Works

We believe in the power of entrepreneurs to improve their lives and make the world a better place. But not everyone has the resources to get started. We want to help fix that. No strings attached.

Grant to kickstart your business
10 hours
Education from our business & marketing experts
1 Year
Marketing - Royaltie’s complete, AI-powered marketing platform.

Past GEM Recipients

Josh A. New York, New York

Erica M.


Who Should Apply?

The GEM Program is open to aspiring entrepreneurs of all ages, anywhere in the world. We are looking for candidates who are passionate about starting a business, but who also do not have the resources to do it without our help. We do not provide loans. We do not make investments.

Our goal is purely to help those less fortunate start a business.

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Tell us your story. Feel free to attach photos, videos, or business plans.

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